When a single email can make it hard for your customers to say goodbye

How often does this happen to you?

You’re at the end of a contract and the price goes up.

So, to avoid being fleeced, you have to shop around to find a better deal.

I’ve had to do this (again) recently with my gas and electricity. The people I’m with now couldn’t match what another provider was offering so I’ve made the switch.

But rather than feel pleased to have saved myself some money, I feel a little sad to be leaving them.

This email is why.

The words in this email were enough to change my mind
These well-chosen words could be enough to win me back


Why these words will stay with me

The email isn’t perfect. It would have been more personal if they’d called me Sarah. And if it was signed by one person, rather than the whole Green network Energy team. Really? The whole team were in on this?!

But there’s a lot that’s good about it.

The tone is easy, friendly and helpful.

They wrote they were very sorry to see me go. You could say this was a given, but I still appreciated reading it.  And I liked that they then went on to tell me exactly what would happen next. I’ve changed my energy supplier several times and no-one has told me this before.

So I didn’t know my final meter readings had to be validated (although who are these mysterious third parties and what special powers do they have that mean they can declare my meter readings are valid?). And I didn’t know this could take up to six weeks.

Six weeks does feel like a long time, especially when you’re in credit so are owed money. It was right of Green Network Energy to acknowledge this.

They explained why they were asking me not to cancel my direct debit straight away. Everything they wrote was clear and fair.

And they didn’t try and badger me to stay or make me feel I’d made a bad decision in leaving.

Because of their thoughtful and helpful email, Green Network Energy will be at the top of my list if I decide to change supplier again.

Price is important.

But service is too.

And when there’s little difference on price, better service will win the day.

That so important first (or last) impression is often down to your words

Your words set the tone for what your customers can expect. They are part and parcel of your service. Before you actually do anything, what you say shows who you are.

If people can see you’ve made an effort with your words, they’re going to take it as read you’ll make an effort with everything else you do too.

The right words have the power to make ordinary service extraordinary.

And I’m willing to pay a little more for great service.

Are you?


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