Emotion beats logic every time when you’re selling. So make sure you use it in your copywriting and shamelessly tug at people’s heartstrings.

On Tuesday, I watched a video on Mindvalley Insights from Chris Haddad. He talked about the power of emotional copywriting, how we buy based on emotion and justify our decision later. How emotion outsells logic.

This resonated with me. I’d had the same conversation with top copywriter Andy Maslen earlier in the year. We were discussing how to find your niche and why this needn’t be a particular industry but can be a technique – like emotionally driven copy. Phew! How much better to spend your days making people feel things, moving them and connecting with them emotionally, than endlessly banging out dry copy about finance or IT?

When do we feel emotion?

Except that emotionally driven copy works for everything, including finance and IT. How about:

‘When he saw that I’d paid off his student loan the look on my son’s face was priceless. For a moment, he was my baby again. Thank goodness my investment paid off.’

So, you’ll understand why I was thrilled last night when I found that my daughter had written this:

Child's poster about saving polar bears
How can you not be moved by the emotion in this copywriting?

‘The poor things are dying.’ ‘Baby’s to [sic].’

Can you resist? She’s even included a call to action masquerading as a challenge, ‘Have you succeeded?’

A fledgling copywriter. Hurrah! One day you’ll be visiting the Sarah Russell and Daughter Writing website.

So, remember. Get some emotion into your copywriting. Because the more you make your prospect feel. The more they respond to your copy in their heart rather than their head, the more you’ll sell.


PS I wrote and first published this blog in 2013 on an old version of my website and when my daughter was much younger. I need to make this clear as she might read this and since then her spelling has improved.


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